Can’t make it to the restaurant?


We’ve got you covered!



Haveli Appetizers

1.     Vegetable Samosa (2) $2.99

Fried pastry filled with potatoes and served with chutney.

6.     Veggie Soup $3.25

Delicious vegetable soup served with hot chilli sauce.

2.     Beef Samosa (2) $2.99

Fried pastry filled with beef and served with chutney.

7.     Onion Pakoras $3.99

Spiced deep fried onion fritter with chutney.

3.     Vegetable Egg Rolls (2) $2.99

Fried pastry filled with vegetables and served with sweet chili sauce.

8.     Dahi Bara $3.99

Deep fried flour served with yogurt & chutney.

4.     Shami Kababs (3) $4.99

Minced meat patties served with chutney.

9.     Papri Chaat $2.99

Appetizing chaat topped with papri and yogurt and chutney with chaatt masala.

5.     Chicken Corn Soup $3.25

Popular chicken soup served with hot sauce, soy sauce and chili sauce.

10.   Bhel Puri $2.99

Appetizing chaat topped with bhel and yogurt and chutney with chaat masala.


Haveli’s Grill

1.     Peshwari Chaplee Kabab $8.99

Ground beef patty blended with dried coriander seeds and grilled.

   8.  Mixed Grill $14.99

A sampler of Seekh Kabab, Bihari Kabab, Chicken Boti & Chicken Tikka.

2.     Chicken Seekh Kabab (2) $7.99

Spiced ground chicken barbecued over charcoal.

   9.  Grilled Chooza $11.95(Seasonal: call for availability)

Small hen marinated & stuffed with rice in traditional Lahori style.

    3.  Beef Seekh Kabab (2) $8.99

Spiced ground beef barbecued over charcoal for perfect flavor.

   10.  Peshwari Grilled Chops (6 pcs) $14.99

Goat chops marinated with spices & grilled to perfection.

    4.  Chicken Tikka Leg $5.99

Spiced chicken leg barbecued over charcoal.

   11.  Bihari Beef Kabab $9.99

Sliced beef marinated with papaya & grilled.

5.     Chicken Tikka Breast $6.99

Spiced chicken breast barbecued over charcoal.

   12.  Chicken Bihari $8.99

Boneless chicken pieces grilled to perfection.

6.     Chicken Tikka Boti $8.99

Marinated chicken pieces grilled on skewers.

   13.  Grilled Lahori Fish $10.99

Fish marinated in special Lahori spices & grilled to perfection.

7.     Tandoori Charga $12.95

Whole marinated chicken cooked in a tandoor (clay oven).

   14.  Malai Boti $8.99

Chicken pieces marinated in a cream and grilled.


Haveli’s Specialty Choice

1.     Mutton Karahi $12.99

Tender pieces of mutton cooked in tomato sauce, ginger, cilantro & butter.

6.     Haleem $6.99

Beef, creamed lentils, wheat & barley garnished with cilantro, ginger, and crispy fried onions.

2.     Chicken Karahi $7.99

Tender pieces of chicken cooked in tomato sauce, ginger, cilantro & butter.

7.     Chicken Tikka Makhani Masala (Butter Chicken) $9.99

Boneless chicken cubes in butter and cream sauce.

3.     Mutton Korma $12.99

Mutton cooked in a rich yogurt and fried onion sauce to enhance flavor.

8.     Chicken Jalfrezi $7.99

Chicken curry with bell pepper & onions.

4.     Chicken Korma $7.99

Chicken cooked in a rich yogurt and fried onion sauce to enhance flavor.

9.     Chicken Shashlick $7.99

Boneless chicken cubes with bell peppers in a tomato & black pepper sauce.

5.     Nihari $12.99

Beef cooked in a spicy sauce, garnished with cilantro, ginger, and green peppers.

10.   Murgh Chole $7.99

Garbanzo beans with chicken in a tangy sauce.


Haveli’s Rice

1.     Mutton Biryani $9.99

Basmati rice cooked with mutton, spices    and flavored with saffron.

3.     Prawn Biryani $7.99 (Seasonal: Call for availability)

Basmati rice cooked with prawns, and flavored with saffron.

2.     Chicken Biryani $7.99

Basmati rice cooked with chicken, spices and flavored with saffron.

   4.  Vegetable Biryani $6.99

Basmati rice cooked with vegetables and flavored with saffron.

   5.  Steamed White Rice $3.99




Haveli’s Vegetables Choices

1.     Daal Saag $7.99

Yellow lentils cooked with spinach in a traditional Pakistani style.

5.     Bhindi Masala $8.99

Okra blended in a special house sauce.

2.     Bahar-e-Sabzee $7.99

Vegetables cooked with onions, tomatoes, spices and garnished with cilantro.

6.     Mattar Paneer $8.99

Green peas in a butter sauce with cottage cheese croutons.

3.     Saag Paneer $8.99

Homemade cheese cooked with creamed spinach.

7.     Paneer Makhani $8.99

Cottage cheese croutons in butter sauce.

4.     Tarka Daal $5.99

Creamed lentils cooked to perfection.

8.     Karhai Aloo $7.99

Traditional spiced potato cooked in a karhai.


Haveli’s Bread

1.     Tandoori Naan $1.00

Leavened crispy bread baked fresh in our tandoor.

4.     Aloo paratha $2.99

Pan fried bread stuffed with potato.

2.     Puri $1.00

Deep fried leavened bread.

5.     Garlic or Onion Naan $1.75

Naan stuffed with garlic or onion.

3.     Paratha $1.99

Pan fried leavened bread.


Haveli’s Kids

  1. Chicken Nuggets(5) and Fries $5.99
  2. Chicken Seekh Kabab Roll with naan $5.99
  3. Beef Seekh Kabab Roll with naan $5.99
  4. Chicken Burger and Fries $7.99
  5. Haveli 1/2 Pound burger with Fries $8.99


Haveli’s Desserts

1.     Kheer $2.99

Ground rice cooked with sweetened milk, sprinkled with pistachio and almonds.

5.     Rasmalai $5.45

Homemade cheese in sweetened cream with almonds and pistachios.

2.     Kulfi $3.99

Homemade ice cream flavored with pistachios and almonds.

6.     Flan $2.99

Egg pudding topped with caramel.

3.     Gajer ka Halwa $3.99

Grated carrots cooked with sweetened milk.

7.     Falooda $3.99

Popular rose drink with ice cream topped with jelly and almonds.

4.     Gulab Jamun $2.99

Fried round dough soaked in sugar, rose water and saffron syrup.



  1. Lassi (Sweet or Salty) $2.25
  2. Mango Shake or Lassi $2.50
  3. Coffee $1.25
  4. Ice Tea $1.50
  5. Chai (Hot Tea) $1.50
  6. Kashmiri Chai $1.99
  7. Soft Drinks $1.50
  8. Pakola Cream Soda $1.75